How Will Drive-Thru Pressure Washing Boost A Business? What You Should Know

Pressure washing in Marietta is something that can help your business in a lot of different ways, but you may not be aware of the specific benefits when it comes to your drive-thru.

If you own a restaurant or any kind of business that has a drive-thru window, like a bank, then you should keep reading. We’ll answer “How can drive-thru pressure washing boost a business?” But first let’s talk about what pressure washing truly is.

What Is Drive-Thru Pressure Washing?

Drive-thru pressure washing means cleaning your drive-thru window and surrounding area with a pressure washing machine.

A pressure washing machine is a high-powered nozzle that can knock dirt, dust, and grime off of the exterior of your building. It’s much more powerful than traditional cleaning methods because of the pressure that it provides.

Several businesses like restaurants and fast food chains find that pressure washing is more preferable to washing by hand or with a scrub brush.

So, the answer to “Can drive-thru pressure washing boost a business” is a clear yes.

How Can Drive-Thru Pressure Washing Boost Business?

Now that you know what pressure washing a drive-thru is, let’s talk about some of the advantages that you should consider for your company.

Maintaining appearance

Obviously, with a restaurant or other type of business that faces customers, appearances are everything. This is especially true if someone is going to be eating or buying food from your establishment.

So if you ignore the cleanliness, it’s only going to give them a negative viewpoint. This could decrease car traffic and foot traffic. By maintaining your appearance, you’ll create a more welcoming atmosphere.

People will assume that if you take care of the exterior, you’re also cleaning inside as well, which means that their food will be clean.

Save time and money

There are two ways to do anything in business. You could always do things yourself or have some of your staff do this. However, there are downsides to cleaning yourself.

First of all, you’re going to waste a lot of time. Second of all, you may not even get the drive-thru very clean.

If you use a washcloth, for example, and some cleaning chemicals, you’re only going to get some very minor surface level grime. A pressure washer is designed to cut past the surface level and really get deep into where the dirt is residing.

This is especially true in the exterior because it has contact with the wind and other natural elements. So the second way is to hire a professional.

Instead of doing this yourself or wasting your employees’ time, let the experts come out and pressure wash your drive-thru. You can focus on running your business and keeping the orders fulfilled.

Getting rid of oil and grease

Oil and grease are something that build up around restaurants and fast food chains. This is not uncommon if you handle food all day. But if you let grease and oil settle, they can ultimately stain the exterior of your building.

This can reduce the value of your building and be unappealing to visitors. So if you pressure wash it can get rid of oil and grease, whereas other methods may not.

Keeping people safe and healthy

Plenty of nasty things can build up on your drive-thru. You need to keep customers safe and healthy. If they get sick eating at your restaurant, you could be dealing with liability claims. This is going to be costly and broil you in legal troubles.

That’s not to mention the fact that they may never come back. So if you get rid of debris, oil, grease, grime, and mildew, then you can keep customers’ food clean. After all, that’s really the most important part of any drive-thru.

Power Washing Yourself Versus Hiring Professionals

So you might be wondering after all this, can you just buy some power washing equipment and do it yourself? Well, if it were that easy, then everyone would do it.

However, there’s a couple reasons why hiring a professional power washing company like Aqua-Nomics is preferable to simply sending your minimum wage pulley outside to do it.

1. Custom cleaning

We learn your building inside and out. We can power wash your drive-thru with expertise.

2. Don’t interrupt your business

Instead of taking time away from fulfilling orders, planning your menu, and other important restaurant tasks, simply have the professionals power wash your drive-thru for you. That way you have a lot more free time on your hands.

3. Avoid repairs and mistakes

If something breaks on the drive-thru due to improper use of a power washing machine, it can be very costly. You could even shut down your operation for days at a time. It’s simply not worth the risk.

Get Power Washing In Marietta Today

Reach out to today. It’s time to start power washing your drive-thru. You can create a better looking drive-thru window, attract more customers, and ultimately increase customer satisfaction.

At the end of the day, this will filter down to your bottom line and increase profits for your company.

That’s why the answer to “Will pressure washing drive-thru boost a business” is “Absolutely!”