Don’t Play Around with the Playground. Sanitize it!

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When thinking of unsanitary places, public restrooms and port-o-potties come to mind. However, according to a hygiene surface test conducted by the International Journal of Environmental Health Research, 44 percent of playground surfaces tested positive for urine, feces, mucus, saliva, and other pathogens. Surprisingly, just 25 percent of public restrooms tested positive. 

These pathogens can be found on a variety of surfaces children come into contact with, such as rails, bars, slides, swings, tires, game boards, and climbing walls. The same holds true for picnic tables and park benches.

Regularly sanitizing the areas where your children play, and where you eat, should be at the top of any community’s priority list.

At Aqua-Nomics Pressure Washing and Roof Cleaning, we use biodegradable cleaners and commercial-grade tools to properly eliminate contaminants and not only clean but sanitize these areas.

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Pressure washing can be tricky. It can even cause major damage if done wrong. Find out more about our unique Smart-Washing process, and why we are consistently rated as one of Alpharetta's best pressure washing companies.

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