Our Soft Wash Process

As this video shows, our unique soft-wash system utilizes low-pressure and a special blend of biodegradable detergents to safely and effectively eliminate dirt, mold, mildew, pollen, and cobwebs from your home.

We clean all the siding, trim, soffits, gutters, and windows. Soft- washing is specifically designed to clean your home’s exterior, never damage it.

For House Soft-Washing, we do this on every job:

Step 1

Walk around your house beforehand, noting any potential problem areas. You are welcome to walk with us, if at home.

Step 2

Create an action plan and set clear expectations. For example, if something isn’t “cleanable” or requires special attention, such as clay staining or gutter tiger striping, we note that and discuss options with you.

Step 3

Provide you with towels, if desired, so you can place around the inside of door thresholds, as a precautionary measure.

Step 4

Cover and/or pre-rinse any plants and flowers, to ensure no defoliation.

Step 5

Mix our cleaners on-site, to create the correct concentrations. based on your home’s level of soiling. We use only the minimal detergents needed to do the job right.

Step 6

Include touchless window cleaning, and leave windows with a spot-free shine.

Step 7

Wind up any hoses and equipment we used.

Step 8

Walk around afterwards, to ensure you’re completely satisfied!

What NOT To Do

This isn’t Rocket Science… it’s Pressure Washing.

I mean, how much is there to it, really? Well, as it turns out, actually, a lot.

Pressure washing the old-fashion way with a store-bought machine and wand just doesn’t cut it here in North Atlanta.

It may get the job done eventually, but not well. Lower-end machines don’t have enough power or water volume to remove years of baked-in dirt, grime, mold & mildew. Plus, with a wand alone, the work is slow, exhausting, and often leaves uneven “striping” marks.

Damage to Stucco
Damage to Concrete

And please don’t hire an inexperienced contractor. While you may save a little money, the results could be disastrous, especially if they aren’t insured. You often get mediocre results. And at worst, they could cause major damage or even injury – a far more expensive proposition.

Above are some good examples of what not to do… don’t let this happen to you!

Benefits of Smart Washing

Uniform & efficient cleaning
Damage-free, mess-free
Complete mold & mildew elimination (with Concrete Bright)
Longer lasting results (with Concrete Bright)

At Aqua-Nomics, we have the proper tools, knowledge, and experience to ensure your concrete, brick & stone is properly cleaned and maintained -- every time.