Concrete will last - only with the right care and treatment. Unfortunately, outdoor concrete features are exposed to the environment all year round, making them susceptible to damage that gradually ruins their appearance and compromises structural integrity. Gradual water and heat damage to unsealed concrete could result in costly repair and replacement works.

You’ll need quality commercial grade sealants to keep structures in tip-top shape throughout the seasons by preventing further damage with concrete cleaning and seal techniques.

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Benefits of Concrete Sealing

Concrete has a porous surface that easily absorbs fluids. This can cause all types of damage: frozen precipitation can destroy by expanding and cracking the surface; chemical elements like fertilizer, salt, and oil can stain concrete surfaces. Concrete sealing with Aqua-Nomics can help protect your concrete.

Types of Concrete Sealers

There are quite a few types of concrete sealers; below are the most popular types.

  • Integral sealants are added to the concrete mix before leaving the plant. The sealing starts immediately after construction.
  • Penetrating sealers penetrates the concrete and create a chemical barrier which protects against moisture, water, and deicing salts. They leave a natural finish without changing the appearance of the surface, and most products are breathable, allowing the escape of vapors. They are commonly used in outdoor applications to protect against harsh elements. They have a long lifespan and usually needs reapplication after 5 plus years of service.
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  • Decorative sealers are typical of acrylic chemistry which is available in both solvent-based and water-based formulations. They usually leave a satin or shiny finish that changes the look, feel and texture of your concrete. Decorative sealers are excellent for enhancing colors and giving the concrete a desirable look. Generally, they wear faster than penetrating sealers and hence requires to be applied again much sooner.

The Aqua-Nomics concrete sealing team can remove the unsightly blemishes on your concrete surfaces, and then extending the life of concrete by applying the concrete sealer of your choice. We only use advanced sealants that provide an extra layer of protection, which keeps out destructive elements like moisture and dirt.

Give us a call today to extend the life of your concrete surfaces!

Concrete Sealing for Residential Owners

Concrete Sealing for Residential Owners

Sealed concrete structures will increase the value of your property by raising its curb appeal. Additionally, sealants enhance the color of outdoor concrete surfaces, which usually fade due to exposure to sunlight and other environmental elements.

Get a free estimate for your home’s driveway, walkways, patio or even your pool deck!

Concrete Sealing for Commercial Owners

Well-maintained commercial buildings leave a lasting first impression on customers, providing an inviting and professional appearance. Sealed concrete ensures dirt and impurities stay on the surface, making it easier for routine cleaning through sweeping and rinsing.

Let Aqua-Nomics attract your customers with a clean and hospitable environment that requires effortless maintenance.

Why Choose Aqua-Nomics Concrete Cleaning?

Aqua-Nomics has received consistent five-star ratings from our valued clients. We dedicate ourselves to providing premium service through leading concrete sealing technologies. The team is always seeking the latest advancements in the concrete sealing process to offer your property the best protection. We believe in continuous research and development that exceeds expectations, which is why we offer sealants ranging from 5 to 25 years according to your structures’ requirements.

Expect each concrete sealing appointment to be delivered by certified professionals, experienced, insured, and bonded to provide lasting results. Aqua-Nomic’s seasoned team is equipped with specialized knowledge in concrete handling to provide quick and effective solutions.

Aqua-Nomics is your trusted specialist in concrete sealing, ever prepared to restore and preserve your valuable properties’ spotless aesthetics.

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