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Pressure washing your property is one of the best ways to improve its curb appeal and give it a new look that everyone will love. There are a few essential factors to consider while deciding on the greatest investment for your money with an outside home cleaning.

Power Washing vs. Pressure Washing

Many people use the terms "pressure washing" and "power washing" interchangeably.

While the terms are sometimes considered synonymous, there is one crucial distinction: power washing uses hot water.

A pressure washer uses just cold water and high pressure to remove stains and grime from a surface. Power washers employ a mix of hot water and particular pressures (and, in some cases, detergent) to address specific issues with a solution tailored to the job.

Why Choose Pressure Washing For Your Marietta Home?

Pressure washing removes mold, mildew, and accumulated grime, leaving the exterior of your home clean and appealing.

Furthermore, the absence of typical pollutants might enhance indoor air quality and reduce allergy reactions. Removing organic material buildup from your siding enhances its life and lowers future repair costs. Aqua-Nomics has serviced North Georgia customers for years, providing the best pressure washing available. Call Aqua-Nomics for roof cleaning and pressure washing in Marietta today!

Roof Cleaning in Marietta, GA

There are a few things to consider while looking for a roof cleaning company in Marietta. Roof cleaning and exterior cleaning have separate needs because most roofs have shingles that deteriorate when exposed to high-pressure water.

Power Washing vs. Soft Washing

On-site, soft wash roof cleaning chemicals are custom-formulated to handle the individual molds, fungus, and stains found on each roof. One of the advantages of hiring a professional roof washer is that the chemicals are calibrated and kept professionally to avoid contamination or over-concentration.

A power washer should not be used to clean shingles. Water pressure erodes the limestone grains and protective layers beneath. This can shorten the life of your roof by years, resulting in expensive damage and the possibility of future leaks.

Metal Roof Cleaning in Marietta

You can power wash your roof if it is made of metal. Because of the smooth finish, power washing will require relatively little pressure to remove the majority or all of the build-up on the metal. Even for metal roofs, we recommend a light detergent wash to guarantee that mold and mildew are removed rather than just rinsed away and allowed to develop again.

Metal roof cleaning should be done annually for maintenance, with a thorough cleaning every three to five years to restore the aesthetic of the roofing. This increases the life of your roof while also improving your property's aesthetic!

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Shining Roof After Roof Cleaning

Services We Provide in Marietta & Surrounding Areas

House Washing

House Washing

Low Pressure “Soft-Wash”
Guaranteed Mold & Algae Removal
Safe & Effective for all Siding
Optional: Gutter Streak Removal

Concrete Cleaning

Concrete Cleaning

Uniform Clean Surface Scrubbers
Smart Temperature Controls
Walkways Includes for Free
Optional: Concrete Bright Mildewcide

Roof Cleaning

Roof Cleaning

Zero Pressure Cleaning
Environmentally Sound Practices
Endorsed by Shingle Mfg’s
Full 2 Year Warranty

Concrete Sealing

Concrete Sealing

You will be amazed by the results -- restoring that curb appeal and protecting your concrete surfaces.

Tennis Court

Tennis Court

Specialized Equipment to
Remove Mold & Mildew
Restore Player Safety
Prep for Resurfacing

Stain Removal

Stain Removal

Oil & Grease Emulsification
Clay & Rust Treatment
Paint & Graffiti Removal
Gutter Brightening


Why Choose Aqua-Nomics?

Aqua-Nomics Exterior Cleaning your roof using a unique no-pressure Soft-wash procedure. We use a biodegradable solution to safely remove all mold, mildew, algae, and underlying bacteria generating the black streaks. Our Soft-wash approach has been authorized by the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association and GAF, so you can be confident that it is the safest and most efficient form of roof cleaning for all North Georgia customers. We are a family-owned and operated company with professional credentials and membership in the Pressure Washing Resource Association. Aqua-Nomics has an A+ rating on Angie's List and 5-star reviews from local customers.

We treat your property as if it were our own, from using safe, eco-friendly, and biodegradable cleaners to taking extra precautions with plants, décor, siding, and roofing. Get a free estimate by calling us at (678)778-2998 or emailing!


FAQs About Pressure Washing And Roof Cleaning In Marietta, GA