Do You Have To Pressure Wash A Deck Before Staining?

There are several benefits to pressure washing the exterior of your home. It can cut into grease and grime really quickly. It’s also a great way to improve the home’s value and keep your family safe.

After all, allergens, mold, mildew, and other things can build up on the exterior. If this gets into the air inside your home, it can be dangerous.

With that being said, what about pressure washing in Woodstock, GA before you’re staining your deck? Is it necessary or even beneficial in that case?

Well, in this article, let’s talk about some of the benefits of pressure washing your deck before staining. That way you can learn about the best way to complete your project successfully.

Should I Pressure Wash My Deck Before Staining?

The answer to “Is it advisable to pressure wash the deck before staining” is essentially yes. It’s always a good idea to pressure wash your deck or patio before you get into the staining process. Here’s why:


First of all, pressure washing is a good idea because you’re not going to have to do it by hand. You’ll save all that back breaking work.

Deeper Clean

Secondly, you can penetrate much deeper under the surface of the deck. Instead of your deck being gray and old looking, it’ll be fresh just like the original color of the wood.


Just take a look at a couple of pictures of side by side comparisons before and after pressure washing a deck to see what we mean. Additionally, pressure washing can get rid of old paint or stains that might be there. After all, you want a nice clean palette when you start staining your deck. You don’t want there to be any discoloration.


Furthermore, if you pressure wash, you can extend the lifetime of the stain after you’re done. It’ll keep it from peeling or fading. Anytime you go to change the color or treat lumber, you should clean it thoroughly. That’s exactly what power washing does.


Another reason is that you want to keep rot from forming. If there’s any kind of mold or fungal growth, then you should get rid of this. It can grow over time.

This can be dangerous to your family. It can also be terrible for your deck. It can eventually destroy your deck.


You’ll end up saving money by power washing it instead of leaving it be. And there you have it. The answer to “Should you pressure wash the deck before staining” is definitely a yes.

Get Pressure Washing in Woodstock, GA

In summary, do you have to pressure wash before staining? Not always, but it’s usually a good idea. You can clean up the area, get rid of other grime, and ultimately come out with a better finished product.

But beware of pressure washing yourself. It’s usually better to leave it to the experts who understand the best techniques. Contact Aqua-Nomics for expert power washing services in Alpharetta, GA, Cumming GA, and Johns Creek. Schedule now for a convenient time, and we’ll pressure wash your deck, allowing you to focus on your staining project worry-free.