What Is the Difference Between Soft Washing and Pressure Washing?

Do you know the difference between soft washing and pressure washing? Many homeowners have heard of at least one of these terms before. Some even realize they are both a form of exterior home cleaning. However, they are not the same. Cleaning your home the wrong way may lead to costly damage. Here’s everything you need to know before you try to deep clean your house.

Pressure Washing Is Not Always the Best Choice

For years, pressure washing has been the number one process for exterior home cleaning. Why is that? It’s pretty easy to get your hands on a hand-held machine to get the job done. Your local hardware store or even most big-box retailers carry affordable options. But just because you can buy the machine doesn’t mean you should.

Pressure washing involves cleaning surfaces with a highly-pressurized stream of water. You don’t need to buy any special chemicals, although you can add some detergents to the water. Many people choose pressure washing because it’s all-natural and seemingly good for the environment.

Sounds promising, right? While it’s true that high-velocity water can loosen embedded dirt and remove stains, it’s not the ideal choice for all surfaces. Plus, it takes a lot of water to clean every nook and cranny. If you have mold or fungus (which is common on roofs and other porous surfaces), washing the surface with water won’t kill the spores.

Pressure washing is most effective on brick and stone homes. When used on softer, more fragile surfaces, this method of cleaning may pose more problems than solutions. It can pull off siding or chip away paint. If you have painted wood or vinyl siding, as most homes do, pressure washing will end up doing more damage than good.


Soft Washing Works on All Exterior Surfaces

Soft washing is the converse of pressure washing. Instead of using high-pressure, this method relies on both low-pressure water and chemicals to remove years of dirt and stains. Don’t let the word chemical turn you off, however. A reliable trustworthy cleaning company uses chemicals that are biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

If you have mold, soft washing is the best choice for you. The chemicals destroy mold, fungus, and bacteria. Soft washing is also safe to use on more delicate surfaces. It won’t harm your vinyl, paint, roof shingles, or stucco. You can even use it to clean screens, wood decks, and patios. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about unnecessary damage to your property.

Rely on the Best Exterior Cleaning Company in Town

It’s wise to leave exterior home cleaning to the professionals. While the process may sound easy, there is a lot to consider. First, do you have the right equipment to protect your home? And, how will you clean hard-to-reach places, like second-story windows or your roof? Climbing ladders is dangerous—not to mention the risk of property damage.

Aqua-Nomics Pressure Washing and Roof Cleaning has the experience needed to wash even the dirtiest surfaces. We’ve cleaned more than 2,000 homes, roofs, and driveways. Whether you need us to clean your roof or want to remove years of wear and tear from your patio, we can help. How does the difference between soft washing and pressure washing affect your home? Connect with us online to find out which process we recommend.

Understanding the difference between soft washing and pressure washing is crucial for maintaining your home’s exterior. While pressure washing may seem convenient, it can cause damage to delicate surfaces. In contrast, soft washing offers a safer solution for all exterior surfaces without causing harm. Trust Aqua-Nomics Pressure Washing and Roof Cleaning for expert Pressure Washing in Cumming, Johns Creek, and nearby areas. Contact us today for a transformative cleaning experience.