How Often Should You Pressure Wash Your Property?

Pressure washing is a way to keep your home looking its best. But how often should you pressure wash your house? The answer depends on factors, including the material your home is made of and the local climate. We will discuss some factors to consider when determining how often you should pressure wash your home.

1) Location

The frequency of pressure washing a house also depends on its geographical location. Coastal areas or locations prone to high humidity will require more frequent pressure washing due to the weather-related wear and tear that a house can endure. Salt from the ocean, dirt, sand, and other environmental elements can stick to your home’s exterior and cause damage over time. Also, frequent rain and snow can create a need for more frequent pressure washing.

2) Type of Siding

Different types of siding require different cleaning frequencies to remain looking like new. Vinyl siding may only need to be pressure washed every three to five years since it is less susceptible to damage from Mother Nature. Other types of siding, such as wood, brick, and aluminum, require more frequent pressure washing—typically every one to two years.

3) Climatic Conditions

The climatic conditions in your house can also influence how often you should pressure wash. If you live in an area that experiences extreme temperatures—especially if subject to frequent and strong winds—you may need to pressure wash more often than recommended. This is especially true for wood and brick siding.

4) Health & Safety

Pressure washing your home not only makes it look better but is essential for the health and safety of your family. The runoff from pressure washing can contain debris which can be harmful if left to accumulate. Mildew, mold, dirt, moss, and other contaminants attached to surfaces may increase the risk of sickness if not removed.

Some signs your home may need pressure washing include staining on the exterior surfaces, discoloration or chalking of paint, mold growth, and insect infestation. It’s essential to consider these signs to keep your home clean and safe for all its inhabitants.

Additionally, inspecting areas such as decks, walkways, and driveways for signs of wear, cracking, or loose pieces of concrete is a good idea. Pressure washing can help remove any dirt and debris that may have accumulated on these surfaces, which can help them last longer.

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5) If You Plan Renovations and Repainting

Pressure washing should be done before any renovation or repainting projects. This ensures that the surfaces are clean and free from debris which can cause damage to new paint or other coatings applied during renovations. Pressure washing is a way to prepare for any home improvement project and can help keep your home looking its best.

In conclusion, pressure washing your home can help improve its appearance and extend the lifespan of its surfaces.

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