When Is The Best Time Of Year To Get Your Roof Cleaned?

Roof cleaning in Atlanta is incredibly important to keep your exterior looking clean, and organized. However, a common question that many homeowners have is, what is the best season for roof cleaning?

So in this article, let’s talk about what time of year is the best for roof cleaning so that you can schedule your appointment as soon as possible.

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What Time Of Year Is Best For Roof Cleaning?

If you’re finally ready to get some specifics regarding “When is the best time to have my roof cleaned“ you’re in the right place.

Dry Days

Typically, the drier it is outside, the more effective pressure washing will be. That is to say that the results will last longer. Still, after a rainy day, it’s always useful to have any leftover water stains removed.

Just keep in mind that if more rain comes the next day, it could wash away some of the chemicals used to clean the home.

The Summer

In Georgia, the days get incredibly hot and sunny. It will make you want to head inside and turn your AC on full blast. Still, you should have professionals come out and clean your exterior.

Shady days without rainfall are typically ideal. You get the right level of heat, dryness, and shade in order to let the cleaning solutions soak in and do their jobs.


Any kind of storm can bring debris with it. This includes leaves, twigs, and other debris from surrounding areas.

This is especially true if you live in nature or near dirt or pollen-producing plants and trees. So getting pressure washing done after storms is ideal timing.


Anytime you’re showing your home, you should have power washing done. It helps make your exterior look well taken care of and just like new again.

Get Professional Roof Cleaning Today

If you’re looking for roof cleaning in Atlanta, contact Aquanomics. Our experts are experienced in cleaning roofs, siding, and other exterior parts of your home.

You deserve to love how your property looks. So whether you’re doing it for financial, aesthetic, or lifestyle reasons, reach out today so we can help you achieve the look that you want. You’ll never have to ask “What is the best time of year to have your roof cleaned” again.