Tips To Keep HOA Common Areas Clean

Any homeowners association needs to maintain their community’s appearance and safety. Of course, this task can be quite a challenge. That’s why you should keep reading to understand how to keep HOA common areas clean.

That way you can improve the value of your neighborhood for everyone both now and in the future.

Tips For Keeping HOA Common Areas Clean

Higher pressure washing services

Pressure washing is one of the best things you can do for your HOA common areas. For instance, a pool house, community center, or any other common areas in which activities take place need to be pressure washed consistently.

If not, dirt, grime, and debris can easily build up. If left unchecked, these can create slipping hazards, bad smells, and an unsightly mess.

That’s not to mention mold and algae which can grow. These can get into the air and cause respiratory problems due to the spores. So HOA common area pressure washing is an excellent investment.

Read this post for information on when you should have pressure washing done for your HOA.


Occasionally, you should look to have your roads repaved or replaced. Whether they’re concrete or asphalt, these are porous materials that will ultimately give in to the natural elements.

Sure, they can last several decades if taken care of properly, but that is one of the first things that new homeowners are going to notice when they move into the neighborhood. It also affects the property values.

Trees And Shading

Depending on the age of the neighborhood, you should invest in trees and plants lining the streets. They can create natural wind blocks and sun blocks. This keeps the neighborhood less vulnerable to natural elements like high winds, storms, and sunlight that can raise utility bills.

The pool area, the pool area itself needs some special attention. You can power wash and pressure wash the pool deck, which is the area right outside of the pool itself.

Additionally, you can drain the pool and have the pool washed. This can get rid of mold and mildew, and also makes people more likely to use the services available to them.


Clubhouse itself is where contracts are signed and where new homeowners come in to provide revenues to the HOA. You should always keep the clubhouse clean from the roof to the siding to the patio.

Get Exterior Washing Services Today

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