The Telltale Signs Your Shopping Strip Should Get Pressure Washed

If you own or manage a retail shopping area, then you know how important the details are. If the last few years have proven anything, it’s that no business model is completely safe.

Therefore, the operators that invest the most in their property and customer service will win. Here is how to tell it’s time for exterior cleaning:

Signs Your Retail Shopping Strip Should Get Pressure Washed

It’s Been Six Months To A Year

Every six months or so, you should get your retail shopping strip pressure washed. It’s just a good rule of thumb to schedule in advance. That way, you don’t let dirt, debris, or grime build up for too long.

You’re Getting Complaints

Obviously, curb appeal is one of the most important parts of the shopping center. If people pull up to a clean strip mall, they’ll be more inspired to pull their wallets out and buy luxurious goods.

If the area is looking fairly downtrodden, it could have an economic effect on your mall business. If you start getting complaints over the phone, email, or online, take action immediately and get some pressure washing performed.

Tire Marks Are Taking Their Toll

Naturally, a strip mall is going to have a lot of car and foot traffic. Over time, tires rub off on your asphalt or concrete driving surfaces.

This is ultimately unsightly. However, petroleum from the tires can also negatively affect the integrity of your parking lot aesthetics.

There’s Been Heavy Rainfall

Inclement weather, such as heavy winds, pollen circulation, or rainfall are all signs your shopping strip should get pressure washed. This includes snow as well.

The reality is that any kind of mixture of dust, natural elements, or humidity will show up on your mall’s siding. That goes for the roof and windows as well. If left unchecked, fungi like mold and algae can grow.

This can get into the air and cause respiratory problems for your visitors. Not only could you deal with liabilities, but your sales numbers could go down.

You’re Trying To Attract New Vendors

If your occupancy rate has taken a dip, then it’s time to consider professional pressure washing services. This is one of the primary reasons your retail shopping strip should get pressure washed.

Ultimately, a cleaner, more vibrant environment is more attractive to business owners. They subconsciously know that they’ll be able to increase their revenue in a well-maintained area. The same goes if you’re looking to sell commercial property that you own.

Get Your Shopping Strip Pressure Washed Today

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