How Often To Clean Rooftops For Longevity And Curb Appeal

You probably don’t climb up and look at your roof that often. However, if you don’t pay attention to your roof, it can cause a lot of issues. From property damage to safety issues, it’s important to get your roof cleaned as often as possible.

You might be wondering, how often should I clean my roof? Here are the various factors that determine how often to clean your roof for most properties.

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How Often Should You Pressure Wash Your Roof

Actually, you should rarely pressure wash your roof at all. Soft washing is a safer technique for most roof tiles and shingles. So “how often to pressure wash roofs” is a bit of a misnomer.

That being said, wash your roof if you notice the following:

Black Algae Streaks

If you see black streaks on your roof, it could be caused by a strain of algae. This fungus is incredibly invasive and damaging. It can ruin your roof over time. That’s not to mention that its spores can get into the air.

This can cause respiratory problems such as pneumonia. It can also make asthma symptoms worse for anyone in your household. On a related note, green moss is another type of fungi that grows on roofs. They love heat and moisture.

Of course, if the roof is exposed to the sun and any rainwater that might be in the area, it’s a perfect combination for this nasty growth. So  how often to pressure wash a roof usually depends on the outside elements.

Let’s look at some additional signs that it’s time to get your roof cleaned:

Dirt Or Animal Droppings

Over time, your roof may acquire dirt from the surrounding area. This is especially true if you live in the country or near dusty roads. You might also live near the city where pollution and smog can accumulate over time.

On a related note, animal droppings from small rodents or birds can actually be very acidic. If left to bake, they’ll actually eat away at your roofing material. This is especially true if you have a tar-based roof such as most shingles.

Leaves Or Debris

While nature provides a lot of beauty, it also gives you debris to clean up. Old leaves, stems, nuts, and seeds are no strangers to your roof or gutters.

If left to fester, they can grow types of molds, algae, fungi, and more. They also provide homes for invasive insects and animals. Another thing to watch out for is a dam. This is when leaves and sticks don’t allow your gutters to drain properly. Ultimately, this could cause a leak in your roof, and nobody wants that.

But how often should you clean your roof, specifically? Well, no one wants to replace their roof sooner than they need to. It doesn’t make sense to add that expense to your life if it’s not necessary.

Therefore, you should get your roof cleaned once per year at a minimum. Now, again, if any of the issues are noticeable above, you should have the experts come out sooner than that.

However, with an annual inspection of your roof and gutters, you can typically keep your roof maintained and elongate its lifespan.

How Often To Clean The Roof — Conclusion

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