Can You Power Wash a Brick House or Building?

Brick homes and buildings can last centuries with proper maintenance but can become stained and dirty over time. Power washing is a great way to clean them up. For example, stucco, cement, and mortar can become stained with dirt and grime over time. Power washing can help remove this dirt and grime.

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We often ask whether you can power wash a brick home or building. Yes, you can safely power wash brick.

We will explain why you can power wash a brick house or building, the steps involved in doing so safely and correctly, and how to choose the suitable pressure washer.

Power Washing: How Does It Work

Pressure washing is cleaning stubborn stains on surfaces with a high-pressure water spray. The procedure uses a stream of pressurized water to remove dirt, grime, and other contaminants.

Pressure washers are available in electric and gas varieties, allowing you to choose the right one for your job. Electric models are great for small areas and light-duty cleaning, while gas models offer more power and can tackle bigger jobs such as brick walls and buildings.

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Benefits of Power Wash for Brick Houses

Power washing a brick house or building offers many benefits. These include:

1) Improve Appearance:

Power washing can remove dirt, dust, and buildup from the exterior of your brick house, making it look more attractive. This can also help protect against the bricks’ staining and discoloration over time.

2) Prevent Mold Growth:

Pressure washing helps to keep mold and mildew from growing on the exterior walls of your home. This helps keep the exterior looking fresh and can also help protect against damage caused by mold and mildew.

3) Remove Algae:

Power washing effectively removes algae from your brick house, eliminating any unsightly discoloration or green streaks on the bricks. Additionally, power washing will help keep away pests such as spiders, wasps, and ants that can be attracted to algae.

4) Prevent Damage:

Power washing helps protect against future damage, such as cracking or crumbling, caused by weathering and other environmental conditions. It also helps prevent more serious structural problems like foundation erosion.

5) Efflorescence Removal

Power washing can help remove efflorescence, the white powdery substance that sometimes forms on masonry surfaces. This helps to improve the appearance and prevent further damage caused by moisture absorption.

How To Power Wash a Brick House

Power washing a brick house is a relatively straightforward process. Here are the steps followed by an expert:

1) Protect Your Property:

A professional power washer will be sure to cover any areas like windows or door frames with a protective material before beginning.

2) Choose the Appropriate Pressure:

Different brick surfaces require different pressure levels, so the power washer must choose the appropriate pressure level for your specific needs.

3) Work from Top To Bottom:

Working from the top to the bottom of your house will help ensure that all areas are thoroughly cleaned.

4) Rinse Thoroughly:

After completing the power washing, it is essential to rinse the entire surface thoroughly with clean water. This helps prevent streaking and other damage caused by leftover detergent or dirt residue.

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